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This magnificent work of art is in the style of Japanese American designer, George Nakashima, the father of mid-century live edge furniture.

Unlike contemporary teak root furniture, this set is made from wild old growth teak harvested in the late 1950s to early 1960s, likely in Myanmar. This is evidenced by the fact that the mature wild teak trees in this region averaged a girth of about 6 ½ feet, making the teak in this set up to 200 years old. (I counted approx 135 rings)

One of the many unique features of these chairs are that the 2 seats were originally the trunk of the tree. The tree was split down the center vertically and the two halves became the seats of the two matching chairs. The roots were cut and formed to make the backs and arms of these two fabulous chairs.

The artist then carefully carved out the seats by hand, creating the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in!

The legs and "dowels" holding the arms and back are all reclaimed teak branches.

The table is another solid slab of vintage teak made from a single 7 inch cross section of teak stump and beautifully finished with simple branch legs to match the chairs.

Sadly, the original artisan's name has been lost to the past, however this magnificent set that he/she/they created almost 60 years ago remains beautifully intact. It is a testament to this artist's skills to be able to work with dense hardwood, no doubt in a rather "primitive" setting without the availability of power tools.

When the current owner brought the set to me, it was badly stained by the elements and years of neglect. With my over 30 years of experience with antiques, I know to treat this set with the respect and care it deserves. I used NO CHEMICALS to strip or clean the wood.

In all, 126 sanding blocks went into the revitalization of the chairs and table, followed by wet and dry hand sanding. It was a month-long laborious project.

When the bare wood was once again clean, four coats of teak oil were lovingly wiped and buffed onto the wood, leaving a glossy, smooth finish on all the surfaces. The finished product with all the beautiful golden honey color variations in the wood along with the stunning grains running through every surface makes this set a one-of-a-kind piece.

Being solid teak, this set is very, very heavy! The chairs weigh approximately 75-100 pounds each, with the table at half that.


7" thick
21" tall
28" widest point
16" narrowest point

Big Chair:
15.5" height to seat @ 42" to top/back
7" thickness of seat
20" height of back
7" + 7.5" width of arms
23.5" width of seat
21.5" depth of seat

Smaller Chair:
15" height to seat @ 38" to top/back
7" thickness of seat
15" height of back
7" + 7.5" width of arms
23.5" width of seat
21.5" depth of seat

I have uploaded 3 videos to YouTube showcasing each piece individually.

Links to contemporary "comparable " using only new growth harvested 30-40 year old teak:

George Nakishima original piece:


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