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Ontario at St. James

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I am a trusted professional dog-walker. (Dog-sitting also available). I love dogs, and I WALK ONLY ONE CLIENT'S DOG(S) AT A TIME, for the happiness and safety of your dog.

I am a 38-year old, responsible former KENNEL ATTENDANT at a VETERINARIAN'S practice in Yorkville. I have a degree in architecture, but have worked as a banking accounting officer for about twelve years, before moving on to my passions: writing literature and CARING FOR DOGS!
I bond with canines with ease, and tend to their happiness and well-being with the utmost diligence.

Your complimentary consultation will leave you feeling happy and secure. I look forward to meeting you and your dog!



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~ Please respond via e-mail or text rather than call, if possible. For your dog(s), please provide age, and any medical or other special requirements. Please specify location and any relevant expectations. Thank you.~
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