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Transportation Generalist
LTL, TL, Containers, Warehousing, Staging, Data Entry, Scanners, Inventory Control, All Paperwork, Couriers, Receiving, Inspection etc.
,Supervise and direct crossdock activity, sorting and pre-loading customer freight. Maintain timely and accurate tl and ltl movement between Montreal and Toronto. Hire, train and cross train those associates with ability, potential and desire. Maintain an os&d level to the highest expectations.
Certifications: CSST & Supervisory Studies
Licensed: Electric or Gas Counter Balance clamp/fork, Raymond Reach
Experienced: Truckmate, Loadlink, Microsoft Office
Rate Negotiations, Planning and Dispatch
Spoken/written English, spoken French
Available for morning and/or afternoon shifts 7 days a. week.
Contact: Brian Dall
4510 Henri Deslongchamps Montreal QC H1X 3H7
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