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166 Jameson Ave.

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available jan 1

laundry on site
no smoking
no private bath
private room
wheelchair accessible

Hello hello to all the lovely people out there!
I have 1 bedroom that has been scooped for now but it may be available in the following months. If you are interested in viewing this space for april, may and onwards then you may contact me. Things might change. So please do not send me emails for thinking that the room is available now. I hope you understand.

Please read carefully before responding to this ad. I have pretty much mentioned everything I can think of in this ad and it's laid out in manner so there is no misunderstanding between us. Thanks Lovelies!

- Location and TTC
The apartment is at 166 Jameson Ave, in Parkdale, Toronto, otherwise known as the Tibetan Town. Roncesvalles and the lake are a walk away. Let's just say, we are close to everything and everywhere in Toronto. In terms of TTC, we are a few steps from the King streetcar. Queen streetcar and Lansdowne bus a minute walk away, Lansdowne and Dundas West subway stations are the closest via bus and streetcars.

- Space and Philosophy
This is a 'strictly vegan' apartment. I like to call it a sanctuary and can only be a sanctuary when there is a peaceful ideology being practiced by its inhabitants. Vegan values are very important for me and I have no patience for debates about what comes in this space and surrounding the murder of innocent animals. I do not want to bring activism at home. Home is a sanctuary and I want to share this with people who are on the same page.

A lot of energy has been put into making it the way it is. It's an on going project and I keep making improvements as I find time and energy for them. Everything in the common space / living room is in dark and warm tones and extremely cozy. If you need any help with decorating your room feel free to ask me for help. I would love to help you out in any way I can. I love to decorate. I I encourage people to use the living room as much as they want. I have a lot of plants in the common space and the dining / my bedroom. If you are a plants person thats a bonus for me. I would love for you to take care of a few of my plants in your room and help them grow into giants.

It is a tight space and super quite and chilled for 90% of the time. More on this in a bit...

- Alley Cat
I have a cat, Alley, she is 6 and a half. She loves to cuddle up with everyone, play fetch. She is funny. :) She used to have a sister, but we lost her to illness.

- Me and My Bedroom, the Dining

--- Me
I am a digital artist and I have been working with the same company for 9+ years. Single. I have been vegan for 7+ years. Did some activism as well. Most of my activism now is FB and real life conversations. I am big on eating clean and I am religious about supplements.

I don't have friends over very often. If I do I let you know about that before hand. I like to stretch in the living room a lot and listen to podcasts or watch youtube.

In the summer, we may never see each other because I am in the park a lot. On a good day, when I am not working, me and my friends could be in the park for good 12 hours, worshiping that sun that gives us life and celebrating life playing frisbee. If you like playing frisbee or park hangouts you will be most welcomed to join us. :)

--- Body Work That I Do ...
I have been working on people maybe since I was 17. The only education I have in massage therapy is Level 1 Thai Yoga Massage but I do my own thing, it's more so along the lines of body work, very focused and constant pressure. I now have a massage table and a massage chair, this is very exciting :D They are folded and hidden away into the closets.

Often you will see me working on my friends at home or in the park or in parties. It's just who I am. I love doing what I do. I have a few massage tools that keep me flexible as well. I want to go to Sutherland-Chan for RMT certification eventually.

--- My Little Loungey Nook, my Bedroom
So before I continue, I feel like I should be clear about how this space has been working for all the time I have been here. I have been living in this apartment for 5 years now. I am a very community minded person and my privacy setting are set to 'low' :)
I sleep in the dining area. It has curtains that make it into a bedroom when I need it. I have my DJ --setup in here as well. When there are people over its open to everyone to chill in. I am big on mellow chills.

~ time doesn't exist man ~

- The Room for Rent
The room I have for rent is the smaller bedroom, it's $530 all inclusive and faces West. Comes with a girly baby blue bed (thats the best i can describe it). I have some furniture you are welcomed to use. The room has a closet. TV, DVD player and a mini speaker.

- Kitchen and Appliances
I have a few appliances that are your's to use. :) I hope you love healthy living just as much as I do. There is a juicer, dehydrator, blender and a food processor.

- The Other Roommate
He is mellow and keeps to himself. He has been there for about 2 years.

--- \ --- / --- \ --- / --- \ --- / --- \ --- / --- \ --- / ---

... OK and now YOU! (and my concerns) Oh Hi :D

I am looking for a grounded, strict vegan, mature, chilled out, have a sense of humor, mindful of the space, clean and cooperative and of course 420 friendly. Non-cigarette smokers preferred. I want this place to be a healthy space for everyone.

- Your Type:
I want you to be honest with me about what type of a person you are and if you are a match for this space or not. I'll have a sense for it too. It's really good to be honest with ourselves rather than taking risks. Ahhh... speaking from experience.

If you are a hippie-type... all good with me, I just want to make sure that you understand the difference between being "care-free" and "care-less". The vibe is very important. I am too old for lazies. That being said, please remind me when I am slacking.

Amongst other things, if I am away, I guess, you being my roommate, would be expected to keep the place clean, feed the cat and water my plants, and I would do the same for you. I hope this is not too much to request? :)

No princes and no princesses, as I like to call it. Get your act together. Get your hands dirty, clean your mess.

- Medication and Rec-Drugs:
I need to know what medications you are on and if you take recreational drugs. As we might be roommates in the future, I have a right to know this. If you sleepwalk, have anxiety issues, I need to know. I have had some huge problems with people on anti-depressants and also taking rec-drugs, as I like to call it "taking a trip in your minds every weekend." Please, do not take this personally, You must understand I am trying to protect myself. If you are taking issue with this, I don't know if we are a good match. Sorry.

- Having People Over and Over-Night Stays:
This is not a hostel. I have had way too many people having their besties or partners over all the damn time, to the point I felt like that there are 4 people and a cat living in this tight space. I want to come home to a home and not a hostel or a shelter. I am way over this behavior. If you are having a friend/partner/lover over, that's fine but the moment I feel that they are starting to live here, I'll let you know. I also expect you to let me and the other roommate know if you are having friend(s) over. I will keep you informed as well.

If your friends are bringing food, needless to say its gotta be vegan. I have had to put up with many fake vegans before. I have no patience for that type anymore.

- Pets:
If you have pets. That is one of the first thing we have to communicate about. Most probably not a good match with the cat I have. :( Dogs are too big for this space. But lets talk.

- Kitchen:
I want to mention this and it's very important that it would be very nice of you to use the kitchen before midnight and communicate with me if I am home about timing as I sleep right beside the kitchen. In the morning go wild, blend the hell out of those fruits! The other roommate cooks a lot and I do to but not as elaborate as him. We communicate kitchen usage and clean up after ourselves. I would expect you to clean up after yourself as well. Let us know if there are dishes that need to be done.

- Cleaning:
Let's just say, I am not gonna ask you to clean what is not your mess or the space you do not use. But whatever is communal, you have to do your part to keep it shining. :)

- My Limits:
I have lived with enough roommates to... hmmm... to put it politely... when to ask them to leave. I am all about communication and before my tolerance meter is broken. We would have had at least 3 conversations about something about your actions that had been bugging me. That being said, I have been asked to leave too, so I know how it feels, that's why I make sure there is a comprehensive talk before any steps are taken.

- References:
Yup definitely need them. I also want to talk to your parents or a guardian, depending on your age. First and last required!!!

- Your Stay Here:
If you are a traveller, you are most welcomed to come to my hut. I actually never have had a traveling veghead over. We can workout the rent for you that way. I will have to treat our arrangement like AirBnB if you are a traveller. I still need to work it out.
Temporary stays, a month to 4 months are good with me as well. If you are from a different city and transitioning to the city. My space is here to help you move to the city until you find a pad of your choice :)

If we good, then stay for as long as you would like just give me a proper notice when you would be moving out.
If you feel like you are a match for this cozy space please email me. Please come come see what I have to offer.

Thanks for your interest. If you would like to help, please re-post this posting on your wall.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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