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Hi there!

Slava speaking,
Looking for a nice room in To for > 1 year stay. I work at Church/Adelaide so I am looking for something <30 mins walk or transit. PREFERABLY King/Queen west or around Christy pits, Trinity Bellwoods parks. Open to other areas as well. Budget $600 - $1200. Move in date Nov 1st, or Dec 1st.
Some facts about me:
*I truly think not the fanciness makes the house great, but the people who live there
*Working as an actuarial consultant full time. No problems with money, credit record or references
*Very sporty and active. Volleyball, gym, biking, dancing, you name it. Also very easy going and clean
*I've been living in To for 4 years already and am planning to stay longer
*KEY POINT. Honestly moving closer to work cause I like walking and want to live with cool roommates

Thanks for taking your time to read this!
You can always reach out to me at Kontaktinfo anzeigen or Kontaktinfo anzeigen

Hope to hear back from you,
Best regards,
Slava Spirin

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