fer public. favorita $50 for a 60 second video interview - someone interested in acting (toronto) oculta aquesta publicació mstrar

compensació: $50

We are a start-up business looking to put a few video clip of someone paying the role of a an experienced \ professional babysitter. video will be used on our business website and social media.

the video clip
We will ask you 4- 5 basic questions and you will will introduce yourself (you can use a different first name) and answer naturally (we can give you some direction on content but questions are very very basic).
You don't need to be an experienced actor... just someone that can express they have a passion for helping people.

We are looking for someone with the following
- note we are not looking for models or promo models for this - as this is not the look we are going for
- professional
- well groomed
- male and or female
- passion for helping people (or can express this)
- age - ideally must look between 25- 45
- rate is non-negotiable
- we will meet at a central location in Toronto to do this quick filming.

- important - please send a few pictures of yourself. or a video clip of yourself talking (either is fine)

Thank you,
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